• Our Vision

    To create a healthier, stronger, more tolerant society, through striving for excellence, equality and shared opportunities for talented young people from every background, throughout the country


Our Mission

A national program to broaden and boost Israel’s infrastructure of human capital – the country’s major natural resource and primary asset – by enriching and empowering young people living in development towns and underprivileged areas, narrowing the socio-economic gap, and creating a more diverse, dynamic and productive Israeli society.

Our Vision

To create a healthier, stronger, more tolerant society, through striving for excellence, equality and shared opportunities for talented young people from every background, throughout the country.

Executive Summary

While serving as Chief of Staff in the late ‘90s, Shaul Mofaz realized that the only way to create an equal, merit-based society was to provide access to higher education based strictly on potential. He enlisted the support of industrialist Eitan Wertheimer and together, in 2000, they were the trailblazers of Atidim.

ATIDIM, which means Futures, is a national program developing human resources and closing the socioeconomic gaps crippling Israel’s periphery, by creating equal educational opportunities. It is a comprehensive, compelling program that identifies talented young people from Israel’s underprivileged areas and gives them the chance to get on track to higher education. Atidim’s goal is to change the face of Israeli society; and this can only be achieved through providing equal opportunity access to education.

The importance of education for the future of any country is indisputable. However, in Israel, the gap between educational funds distributed in the periphery to those distributed in the bustling center of the country is enormous. After more than fifty years, towns in the periphery – still referred to as ‘development’ areas – originally established around industries that required non-skilled labor, have increasingly become pockets of despair and high unemployment.

Atidim strives to promote the top 30% of students in the periphery and disadvantaged communities in order to help them achieve academic dreams they never thought possible. This is accomplished not only by encouraging the students academically, but also by boosting their self-esteem and their belief in their own capabilities.

Atidim offers a continuum of critical programs, from age 13-30, that provides young people with educational enrichment and gives them the support they need to get on a leadership track to higher education and promising careers. Atidim gives these young people the means to study, finds flexible solutions to any socioeconomic difficulties that arise, offers them personal support, academic guidance and tutoring, financial sponsorship, personal coaching and volunteer opportunities to give back to society and to realize their potential.

Atidim believes that the potential of these talented youths is an untapped resource that can contribute greatly to driving Israel’s future.


The success of Atidim’s students is measurable. They work in Israel’s industrial, high tech, financial, defense and public service sectors, advancing Israel’s economy and giving back to their communities. Atidim “invests in youth of privileged minds and underprivileged means.”

What started out as a program with 90 participants is now serving over 50,000 young people throughout Israel.  Atidim is transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people and changing the face of Israeli society.

Board of Directors
  • Eitan Wertheimer
    Chairman of the International Board of Directors
  • Kobi Haber
    Chairman of the Israeli Board of Directors
  • Annie Abutbul
  • Leah Golan
  • Nir Gilad
  • Avivit Klein
    Representative of Bank Leumi
  • Noam Mordechai
  • Maayan Bar Yoel
    Marketing and Donor Relations Director
  • Meytal Shaked
    Head of the the Pre-Atidim program
  • Yoav Maoz
  • Hedva Hamama Einat
  • Lotem Koplis
    Manager of Atidim Alumni Organization
  • Naomi Reem-Tarshish
    Head of the Atidim in Industry Program
  • Shlomit Yitzhaki
    Head of the Cadets for the Municipal Programs
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