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ATIDIM, which means Futures, is a national program developing human resources and closing the socioeconomic gaps crippling Israel’s periphery, by creating equal educational opportunities. It is a comprehensive, compelling program that identifies talented young people from Israel’s underprivileged areas and gives them the chance to get on track to higher education. Atidim’s goal is to change the face of Israeli society; and this can only be achieved through providing equal opportunity access to education.


Atidim envisions an Israel in which talented young men and women from the geosocial periphery have equal opportunity to acquire high quality education in engineering and technology and take their place in hi-tech and industry to advance Israel’s society and economy.


To close socioeconomic gaps through maximizing the potential of bright young people from underserved communities through access and support for higher education, personal development, meaningful service and quality employment in hi-tech and industry.

  • To promote excellence in education and equal representation of young people from the periphery in elite tech units that are a springboard for integration and advancement in civilian life.

  • To advance individual and collective mobility for young people from the underserved geosocial periphery.

  • To create a cadre of next generation social leaders from the periphery through higher education in engineering and science and quality employment opportunities

  • To foster equality, inclusion and diversity in Israel’s hi-tech and industry sectors by supporting students from vulnerable communities from high school to employment

  • To create a network of graduates that work together to strengthen Israel’s society and economy.

Diversity and Inclusion

Atidim serves young people from marginalized and vulnerable populations, fostering diversity and inclusion in higher education and Israel’s hi-tech ecosystem. Populations include:

  • Students from low-income families in the geosocial periphery

  • New immigrants – Ethiopians and former Soviet Union

  • Israeli-Arabs

  • Druze

  • Bedouin

  • Ultra-Orthodox

  • Students with no family or support network who are completely on their own

Board of Directors

  • Avner Barzani Z”l


  • Eitan Wertheimer z”l

    Chairman of the International Board of Directors

  • Shaul Mofaz

    Founder and member of the Board of Directors

  • Kobi Haber

    Chairman of the Israeli Board of Directors

  • Annie Abutbul
  • Leah Golan

    Board Member

  • Nir Gilad
  • Avivit Klein

    Representative of Bank Leumi

  • Noam Mordechai

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