Atidim in Industry

About the program

Atidim for the Industry encourages and helps talented young people from the periphery earn a degree in a subject that is useful to the industry, while creating the opportunity for the student to contribute to the industry’s major forces. The Program operates as a partnership with various industries and companies members of the Israeli private and public sector such as Elbit, Mekorot,  Microsoft, Intel, Raphael Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Etc..

Program Concept and Need

This program propels outstanding young adults from underprivileged backgrounds from the geographic periphery into Israel’s industry, business and high-tech sectors, by giving them the opportunity to obtain a university degree in engineering so they will be able to perform as role models to the younger generation in their communities.


Although Israel has made tremendous progress and advancement since her founding, ever widening gaps have developed between the upper and lower class mainly in the geographical peripheral communities.  This economic inequality is due to the lack of specialized vocational skills in the lower class. Without professional high-level skills, the lower class is unable to find employment with competitive salaries – which, in turn, prevents them from affording education to learn these necessary skills.


Consequently, a downward cycle begins to plunge the already lower-class community into further poverty, and a great many bright and gifted youngsters spend the rest of their lives working at jobs well below their ability levels. Thus, the importance of programs, such as Atidim in Industry, There is a tight correlation between the vision of the program, that is to help promote academic opportunity for promising students in Israel’s disadvantaged and peripheral communities, closing economic gaps and marching the students to become the forefront of technological development in Israel.

Atidim for Industry is a Win-Win proposition

The student wins financial support throughout years of studies which allows him/her to concentrate on their studies, job placement during and upon completion of studies, personal support and extra tutoring, a clear path to professional life.

The industry wins training of professional and motivates engineering students, cultivating potential loyal professionals in relevant disciplines, contribution to the local community and Israel’s periphery wins the development of future human infrastructure, investing in the human resource of the community and closing the social gaps.


The program is led by a professional staff that follows all the students from day one of their engineering studies and up to their graduation. Each year the staff meets the students personally at least 2-3 times a year. The students’ grades are monitored regularly and help if needed is given to each student accordingly. The students are obligated to take part in 2 workshops which provides them tools of how to penetrate the business world; how to behave in an interview, how to write their CV along with boosting their self-esteem and preparing them to become not only outstanding students but also doers.


Additional programs in Atidim in Industry Include:

  • Practical Engineering Program (ages 21-30) This 17-month program trains practical engineers for specific industry needs in conjunction with leading companies. Students graduate with a practical engineering certificate and a job with the company. The fields include training for mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics practical engineers. The companies involved include Intel , Rephael. Elbit, The Israel Electric Company etc.


  • IDF fighters for HiTech (ages 21-26) A program for discharged IDF fighters with Bootcamp style hi tech short courses and placement in the Hitech industry.
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