Key Programs

Atidim in Industry (ages 21-30)

Pairs promising, mission-driven engineering and science students with Israel’s top companies for education and impactful careers. Students work at a company from their sophomore year and gain invaluable professional experience.

Step-UP - Advancing Women in Engineering (ages 21-30)

 Supports bright young women from the periphery and vulnerable communities to get their engineering degrees at Israel’s finest universities and break the glass ceiling. It is creating gender diversity and closing equality gaps in Israel’s hi-tech ecosystem, and inspiring a cadre of women engineering leaders and role models.

Meaningful National Service for Young Druze Women (ages 18-21)

 The first program of its kind to support national service for Druze female high school graduates in tech fields that helps them access higher education and employment opportunities in the high-tech ecosystem; powering diversity and inclusion.

NEW Head Start – Accelerator for Talented Ethiopian-Israeli Teens (ages 16-18)

Provides bright Ethiopian-Israeli teens from less-advantaged families with the academic, social and emotional learning needed to excel and get on track to meaningful army service, a college major in engineering or science and high-tech careers.

Elite Druze Leaders Social Training Incubator (ages 15-18)

Prepares dynamic Druze teens to bring about social change rooted in their values and traditions and their connection to the State of Israel; inspiring them to help create a more equal, diverse and resilient society.

Takeoff (ages 21-30)

Provides idealistic young people who make aliyah on their own, and native Israelis who have no family support, with the comprehensive assistance they need to go to college while supporting themselves. Takeoff helps them get on track to high-demand career paths in engineering and the sciences and permanent job placement.

Lehavim Drone Program: Training the Next Generation of Drone Innovators (ages 15-18)

Gives talented high school students from the periphery the intensive training and multidisciplinary knowledge needed to become drone innovators, developers and operators and to pursue career opportunities in this rapidly emerging field, game-changing field.

Lehavim Drone Program: Training the Next Generation of Drone Innovators (ages 15-18)

Socially-motivated future leaders receive

support to major in fields like law, economics, and accounting and are guaranteed prominent positions in Israel’s municipal public sector after graduation. Graduates commit to serving three years in local government in the periphery.

Practical Engineering Program (ages 21-30)

This 17-month program trains practical engineers for specific industry needs in conjunction with leading companies in the Negev and the Galilee. Students graduate with a practical engineering certificate and a job with the company. The programs include training for mechanical, chemical, nuclear, computer and natural gas practical engineers.

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